Arabic Mehendi Artist in Jaipur

Mehendi form an integral part of all the wedding and festive occasions in India. Married, unmarried, young, old, women from all walks of life loves getting a beautiful design of heena imprinted on their hands. The aroma of the mehendi brings a sense of happiness and prosperity. Girls put in a lot of effort and time in deciding which design to get done. The most in-thing these days is the Arabic style mehndi design. A global survey on mehndi designs and styling states that “All around the world, the Arabic mehndi style is far more popular than the other styles”.

All the thanks goes to the intricate design, elaborate templates, neat look and a far more exquisite impression that the Arabic Heena gives. We as the Indian heena artists often fuse traditional local and Arabic mehndi designs because our patrons love it that way. Merging delightful desi patterns and exquisite Arabian element, we create visually stunning motifs which lets you experience the best of both worlds. One striking quality of Arabic mehndi which makes it distinct is that after drying off, it leaves a dark and beautiful impression leaving everyone awe-struck. To add the unique flavour, Artistic elements like shading, hues and outlines are extensively used.

Be it any design, the unique characteristic of any Arabic mehendi is leaving obvious clean blank spaces on the sides and here and there. Also you don’t need to have a set, definite pattern. You can play around patterns as per your will as it is not necessary to have similar patterns on the front and the back.

Here we have curated a list of our favourite mehendi designs in Arabic style:

  • Dotted Beauty Arabic Mehndi Design– To add beauty to the designs, most of the Arabic mehendi comprises of exclusive introduction to dots. The dots surround most of the patterns in this design to make it look ohh- so- beautiful.
  • Shaded Elegance Arabic Mehndi Design– Arabic mehendi is all about thick outlines. One of the integral parts of the design is bold, thick outlines with different fillings. Shading strokes can be a really attractive option to fill in the gaps.
  • Khafif Delight Arabic Mehndi Design– Another subset of Arabian mehendi style is Khafif mehendi. It is about forming intricate designs using meticulous patterning of mehendi. This quaint design is made up of tiny dots and curved lines that extend from the fingertip up to the wrist. The delicateness that is often associated with girls is represented in this design.
  • Ravishing Florals– With this evergreen design, let’s go retro. Using floral designs in a continuous trail, or mixing the flowers with multiple other elements, leaving them blank for a light look or filling it up with intricate designs, lines, dots, for a heavy look, we can use flowers in Arabic mehendi in thousand multiple ways. In fact, the basic Arabic mehendi is all about a bail of flowers and butis.
  • Small and Simple– If you’re the kind of person who is not a huge fan of hotchpotch mehendi then this is the design for you. This design is tricking as a large area is covered using just one single motif. You can also extend the design by adding more floral motifs and filler patterns to it.
  • Net it up– The net pattern is another beautiful feature of Arabian mehendi. Using the thin hole of the mehndi cone, the netted patterns are drawn with such precision. To make the mehendi design complete, the curvaceous and floral frills or other decorative patterns are made alongside the netted pattern. This design gives the feeling of an extended traditional veil covering the hands. Another variant of the net pattern is the Chequered pattern. In this one, little bigger net holes are drawn and are alternatively filled with henna to form checkers. Two of the defining characters of Arabic henna designs are Checks and nets.

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