Designer Mehandi Artist

One thing that every woman swears by if she has to look ethnic for an important ritual is mehendi. The looks seems absolutely incomplete without mehendi. No just for the beauty that it brings but also for how important it is as a ritual and how it is believed that it brings great fortune and good luck. Hindu ritual texts and history highly supports the use of Mehendi. Previously, simpler designs were used to make mehendi on the hands. Ladies from the ancient times used to just rub mehendi all over their hands or draw a few circles and lines only and then moving forward to the medieval times, heavy, intricate, filling designs were used to adorn the hands using mehendi. But with the passage of time, where everything is going towards a phase of fashionable and designer, why would the mehendi designs lag behind?

In the mesmerising world of mehendi designs, designer is synonymous to what’s unique, stylish, and minimalistic. When these things go hand in hand, it gives birth to a design which is chic and known as designer mehendi. This style of mehendi is loved by the modern women because it brings a sort of elegance and sheer beauty with such less effort that no other design can. It truly reflects the independent women of current times, brimming with energy and prosperity with too less scope to over-do things and too much scope for the simple and the sober yet sophisticated and modish.

The modern women selects different designer mehndi designs for different occasions. Here is a list of what our patrons love in this series of designs:

1)  Glove Type – As the name suggests, this design features a glove like look because in this design, the hand is covered with detailed look on the palm and the back. Netted pattern with other intricate design can be used for adding elegance to wearer’s overall look. In this type of designer mehendi, multiple designs are woven together to create a delicate design pattern. Once the mehendi takes its full colour after removing, it looks like one is wearing a glove nicely decorated with motifs.

2)  Just the Finger tips – This design is so much in now-a-days and taking the internet by storm. Each girl is opting for this really simple, bohemian, and tasteful design. With this design, let your fingers do the talking while leave the work of bejewelling the arms to your pretty, pretty bangles.

3) Jewel/ ornament type – This design turns out to be the saviour for all those who want to keep it simple and light. With this design, you can keep your heavy hand accessories at bay and replace it with dainty mehendi designs with ornamental figurines. Instead of wearing those heavy hand jewelleries, you can turn them into mehndi designs. Trust us, it would look equally pretty yet would feel really light and comfortable.

4) Bangle type – Worn as piece of jewellery on wrist, this design is originated in Middle East. This ‘Bangle Type’ design is both traditional and contemporary and hence highly popular among all young girls out there. 

5) Arabic Designs – The striking qualities of these designs include fine details, have spaces, and sometimes resemble some architectural designs which make these absolutely different from Indian designs. These designs are known for their beauty and exquisiteness and commonly include the designs of natural elements like flowers and peacocks. Veils and swirls are also widely used in Arabic style with recurring geometrical template.

6) Colour Stones Mehndi – To make the mehendi look way prettier and stylish, we may add colours and stones to one’s mehndi. The use of these sober and colourful stones makes them even more eye-catchy and a out of the box design. To enhance its beauty, you can also add a bit of glitter.

7) Geometric patterns – To easily blend with mood and style, we make these mehndi designs versatile enough for utmost customer satisfaction. In this style, we do some maths and go gaga over geometry. No mehndi design is complete without the outline of geometric shapes like circle, square and triangles and these are used almost in every design.

8) Peacock Design – For a beautiful feminine and pretty look, this one of the most popular of all mehndi design. It comprises of drawing peacock in various styles along with complimenting flowers, shapes etc. Girls choose to get this design time and again which makes this a very staple, go-to kind of style of mehendi making.

So, having said that, we must bring to your kind notice that our talented team is very well-versed with all of the aforementioned styles of making mehendi. We are all set to make your special days even more special with our magic. Choose us if you are looking for a mehndi wala near me or a mehndi wali near me. Our team of adroit mehendi artist in Jaipur will surely leave you awestruck with their art of mehendi making. Find us, mehandi wala near me or a mehndi wala near me, and have a ravishing experience to cherish for a lifetime. See Designer mehandi designs